Lighting as a comprehensive service

Energy efficiency and substantial cost savings.

Lighting as a service


Smart LED lighting purchases don’t come any easier or more cost effective than this. Our LaaS concept (Lighting as a Service) covers the preliminary survey, design, installation, maintenance of products and services, and life cycle services, without the major investment costs.

Instead of one-time investments, you only pay a monthly fee, which is significantly lower than the monthly savings you will make. Our satisfied customers make significant savings on their energy costs right from the very first day.

Our popular new LaaS service model removes the capital cost constraints on the end user that often prove to be an obstacle when carrying out lighting refit work, even amongst those who want to purchase high-quality and energy-efficient LED lighting.

Thanks to the service we provide, many of our customers have been able to modernise their lighting using the highest quality LED lights on the market. This has freed up money for other, profitable, operations right from the start. Make the most important energy decision for your company, municipality or city today!

By choosing Walkia® as your lighting professionals, you will soon be able to enjoy clean and high-quality lighting, leaving you free to focus in peace on productive business activities whilst making significant savings.



We will come and survey your current lighting situation free of charge. We will carry out measurements and calculate how much you could save on energy costs. Whilst carrying out the preliminary survey, we will consult with you on the LED lighting solutions available and the countless benefits they could bring. We will also provide you with further details about how your overall savings can be maximised by using the right products in the right places.


We will establish what level your current lighting is at, and carry out comprehensive light measurements on site. In order to maximise energy efficiency, our designers will create detailed lighting plans for your location. We will always design the most affordable solution overall for you, with the lighting solution provided guaranteed to be the most suitable for your site. This ensures you will always get the best end result.


We guarantee the most affordable financing on the market for this service, allowing you to save a significant amount of money from the get-go, with no one-off investment required.Decision-making has never been so easy as, instead of paying for your lights with a one-off investment, you can pay through affordable monthly light rental payments.The monthly fee will be offset by the energy savings you will make, leaving you a significant sum after the monthly rental payment to devote to profitable activities, right from the very first electricity bill.


Our service model includes a high-quality and efficient installation service provided by our professionals.We supply our LED products as a turn-key installation, with no unpleasant surprises or hidden costs.Completely new, brilliant, flicker-free and zero-maintenance lighting will be installed in your premises in no time, using the highest quality LED products on the market.


Our service model also includes a maintenance contract, ensuring the functionality of our products long after the guarantee period has ended.This means you will never have to worry about the functionality of your lighting and can instead focus on productive business activities.


You will benefit from cost savings generated by significantly lower energy consumption, a reduced number of lights, no more maintenance costs, a potential reduction in cooling requirements, and thus the opportunity to focus resources on profitable work.We always make sure to consult with and guide our clients to help achieve the best possible benefit for them.Additionally, all of our products can be operated with smart lighting control systems, allowing for cost savings to be further maximised.Our products come with the longest lifespan and guarantee on the market, with no restrictions in terms of operating hours.Furthermore, our service portfolio includes a reasonably-priced maintenance contract, meaning that you can enjoy your top-quality lighting worry-free for years after the standard guarantee period has ended.Compare the products on the market critically and carefully, and choose the best.

Outsourcing your lighting to us can be done quickly and easily, allowing you to focus on profitable activities and freeing up significant amounts of extra capital for other productive investments.We will always provide competitive offers and make sure you get your money’s worth for your investment. We guarantee you the highest quality LED lighting solutions, now and in the future.


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