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Walkia® Lighting upgraded the Tokmanni department store chain’s old lighting solutions, replacing them with the brightest LED products on the market.Our first site was the Sotkamo department store.The lighting solution used in the large shop area made use of 24 W Exalt5 LED fluorescent tubes.We replaced the old T5 fluorescent tube technology and bypassed the lamp frame’s weak electronic connection devices, with which the customer had been experiencing major problems.

We improved the lighting in the shop area by 34.3% compared to the previous fluorescent tubes.The lighting at the site was installed at a height of 6.3 metres.The department store’s power consumption fell radically thanks to our high-quality LED products.The overall savings achieved at the site were 62.14% for the indoor spaces alone.Our satisfied customer can now enjoy zero-maintenance lighting for a considerable time to come, as our products have the longest lifespan on the market – 125,000 hours, and the products’ decline in luminous efficacy is the smallest on the market by a long way.



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